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Bathymetric Map Uses Edge Lighting To Stunning Effect

5 heures 30 minutes ago

A bathymetric map is one concerning the floor or bottom of a body of water. It’s the wet equivalent of a topographical map. Combine this with humanity’s inherent taste in seaside real estate, and they can be quite attractive when done correctly. We’d say this effort from [pubultrastar] hits the …read more

Lewin Day

Slothbot Lives Up to Its Name

8 heures 29 minutes ago

For moving about in the real world, robots can crawl along the ground or take to the sky. Both options have disadvantages, with obstacles being a problem on the ground and flying being very energy intensive. What we don’t often see are robots that move along aerial cables, which can …read more

Danie Conradie

DIY Baby MIT Cheetah Robot

11 heures 30 minutes ago

3D printers have become a staple in most makerspaces these days, enabling hackers to rapidly produce simple mechanical prototypes without the need for a dedicated machine shop. We’ve seen many creative 3D designs here on Hackaday and [jegatheesan.soundarapandian’s] Baby MIT Cheetah Robot is no exception. You’ve undoubtedly seen MIT’s cheetah …read more

Orlando Hoilett

Finding a Secret Message From a Gaming Legend

14 heures 29 minutes ago

Satoru Iwata is perhaps best remembered for leading Nintendo through the development of the DS and Wii, two wildly successful systems which undeniably helped bring gaming to a wider and more mainstream audience. But decades before becoming the company’s President in 2002, he got his start in the industry as …read more

Tom Nardi

An RGB Backlight for the Nokia 5110 LCD

20 heures 30 minutes ago

Hardware hackers love the Nokia 5110 LCD. Or at least, they love the clones of it. You can pick up one of these panels for a couple bucks wherever electronic bits and bobs are sold, and integrating it into your project is a snap thanks to all the code and …read more

Tom Nardi

The Cheap Way to Glitch an STM8 Microcontroller

1 jour 2 heures ago

Reverse engineering or modifying a device often requires you to access the firmware stored on a microcontroller. Since companies are usually not fond of people who try to peek into their proprietary data, most commercial devices are readout protected. [rumpeltux] ran into this problem when he tried to dump the …read more

Moritz v. Sivers

A Reason to Code

1 jour 5 heures ago

My son is just getting to the age that puts him in the crosshairs of all of the learn-to-code toys. And admittedly, we’ve been looking at some of those Logo-like toys where you can instruct a turtle-bot to make a few moves, and then to repeat them. After all, if …read more

Elliot Williams

Travel Globe Spins You Around Memory Lane

1 jour 8 heures ago

We all have our own preferences when it comes to travel souvenirs — that little something that brings back the memories and feelings of a past holiday every time we look at it, whether it’s the cliché fridge magnet, some local speciality, or just the collection of photos we took. …read more

Sven Gregori

This Iron Man Suit is a Hacker’s Dream Come True

1 jour 11 heures ago

[Techmaster], like probably a lot of us, was hugely inspired by the engineering wonder that is the Iron Man suit. So, like any good maker, he decided to build his own. [Techmaster’s] social media pages are filled with promotional videos that are sure to get you excited for your next …read more

Orlando Hoilett

iWings For The New Apple Power Adaptor

1 jour 17 heures ago

You might remember the old Apple MagSafe adaptor with the cute little fold out “wings” that served not only as a pragmatic cable management tool, but in our experience also expedited the inevitable and frayed end of your charger. Apple seems to have remedied the latter by opting for removable …read more

Adil Malik

Robotic Biped Walks On Inverse Kinematics

1 jour 20 heures ago

Robotics projects are always a favorite for hackers. Being able to almost literally bring your project to life evokes a special kind of joy that really drives our wildest imaginations. We imagine this is one of the inspirations for the boom in interactive technologies that are flooding the market these …read more

Orlando Hoilett

Sky Anchor Puts Radios Up High, No Tower Needed

1 jour 23 heures ago

When it comes to radio communications on the VHF bands and above, there’s no substitute for elevation. The higher you get your antenna, the farther your signal will get out. That’s why mountaintops are crowded with everything from public service radios to amateur repeaters, and it’s the reason behind the …read more

Dan Maloney
1 heure 17 minutes ago
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